Bench Rental


Flexible rental options

Bench rental is available for experienced jewellers who require no support and also for those who have attended some classes and want to work independently/continue their practice before committing to purchasing all the tools and equipment required.

Rental can be booked on an hourly, day, week or month basis to allow for flexibility and to suit your needs.

You will need to attend a 20-30 minute induction on your first visit to make sure that you are confident and safe on all machines and tools. You will also need to read and sign a liability waiver.


Tools & Equipment

Bench rental includes the use of shared tools, including soldering station and blowtorch with gas, pickle, pillar drill, bench vice, rolling mill, polishing motor, ultrasonic and barrel tumbler. Small tools such as pliers, hammers are also available.

You will need to supply your own metal and consumables, including but not limited to:

  • solder
  • saw blades
  • drills
  • burrs
  • flexshaft finishing wheels/mandrels

Materials such as silver and stones can be purchased from the studio. Just get in touch ahead of your bench day to make sure materials are available.

Additional tools are available to rent at £5 per day subject to availability:

  • Ring, bezel and bangle/bracelet mandrels
  • Stone setting tools-bench
  • Texturing stamps and hammers
  • Repousse / chasing tools


Rates for experienced jewellers who are confident using jewellery tools and techniques, and who require no technical help or guidance are:

  • Hourly rate: £20
  • One day pass: £50
  • Weekly pass: £100
  • Monthly pass: £250

If you would like to be supported with occasional advice and technical help rates are as follows:

  • Hourly rate: £35
  • One day pass: £75
  • Weekly pass: £150
  • Monthly pass: £300

Bench time needs to be scheduled ahead of time and is subject to availability.

A minimum of 48 hours’ notice needs to be provided to cancel a booking in order to transfer session to another date and time.