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Who we are

SJS Smith Jewellery, a female-led independent jewellery brand based in central Stockport, has been creating stunning designs since 2016.

Our handmade pieces are not only beautiful, but also hold the power to create lasting memories. In addition to our design work, we offer silversmithing classes for beginners.

Whether you’re interested in attending a workshop, crafting your own wedding rings, or hosting a unique hen do or team building event, we guarantee a fun and unforgettable experience.



In 2016, I embarked on a new journey by starting my own business. This decision came after leaving the corporate world and pursuing a full-time education in art and design. My specialization in jewelry through the University of Arts London gave me the foundation I needed to dive into the world of creativity.

Initially, my business, “Enchanted Nymph,” focused on creating ceramic coasters, baby changing mats, and paper cut pictures, which I sold at artisan fairs across the north west of England. However, everything changed when I discovered the art of silversmithing. Working with metal ignited a passion within me that I couldn’t ignore. From that moment on, my focus shifted entirely towards creating beautiful pieces of jewellery.


In 2018, I relocated my business from my home studio to central Stockport, marking the turning point where my jewellery business started to materialize. Alongside running the business, I began conducting silversmithing workshops in the gallery space downstairs and in various pop-up locations. It was during these teaching sessions that I discovered my passion for sharing my knowledge, not only in the creation of beautiful jewellery, but also in the overall experience it offered. Teaching others reinforced my belief in the therapeutic benefits of creativity, which had always been a source of solace for me. Witnessing the positive impact it had on others’ stress relief and overall well-being further emphasized the universal importance of nurturing creativity.


During the pandemic, our business was forced to pause, providing a unique opportunity to reflect and reassess our priorities. In line with this, I personally decided to embrace this break by welcoming a delightful puppy named Bruce into my life. Serving as our head of well-being, Bruce brought immense joy during an otherwise challenging and uncertain time. Not only did he uplift our spirits, but he also encouraged me to spend more time outdoors. It’s truly unimaginable to envision life without his presence.


After the pandemic, we seized the opportunity to transform the designated gallery space into a thriving jewellery school. With an expanded range of courses, including the 6-week Introduction to Silversmithing and Intermediate courses, we are now able to offer a diverse learning experience. In addition to teaching classes, our space serves as a valuable resource for other jewellers through our bench rental scheme. This enables aspiring jewellers to pursue their craft without the burden of investing in costly tools and equipment.


In 2022, I released three adult colouring books titled “Affirmation Doodles.” These books were not only a creative outlet for me, but also a tool for managing my mental health. Balancing a full-time job with growing my business was often stressful, but these doodled designs provided a much-needed escape.

In October I made the decision to leave the security of a second income and fully commit to my business. After reinvesting all my earnings into the business for the past five years, while relying on my second job to cover my expenses, it was a tremendous relief to finally have the opportunity to channel all my energy into my true passion.