Complex Geometry

Geometry meets optical illusion in this satisfyingly mind boggling collection of individually hand crafted pieces.

Simple Geometry 

A versatile collection of delicate geometric pieces with a textured finish.  Order as seen or customise your order by choosing your shape, size, texture and chain length.

Can be worn alone or layered.

Geometric Fusion

A collection of simple, geometric shapes layered and fused together to create one off pieces that ignite your imagination.

The State of Our Seas

Inspired by the overwhelming pollution in our oceans.  These weighty silver pieces represent the floating plastic that fuse together to create carpets of debris.

Broom Cast With A Twist Collection

A collection of silver jewellery with cast brass accents.  Made using a twist on the traditional broom casting techniques – melting brass over spaghetti and chickpeas – to create raw, organic forms which cannot be replicated.  Each piece is one off and completely unique.

Woodland Collection

An ode to the beauty found in our natural world.  The woodland collection is made up of delicate flowers and leaves which stand alone in their beauty as well as looking great combined and layered.